Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Introducing Alexander William Tidd!

Hey all,

A quick post from me today to announce the safe arrival of baby Tiddlywink - alexander (Xander) William Tidd.  He actually arrived two weeks ago today - on the 1st August at 5.16am, weighing a teeny 5lb 10oz.

As you can imagine life has been a little hectic since his arrival - not much time for crafting or blogging. I have some posts scheduled for the rest of this month - but hope to get back up and running in September.

Feel free to email me over any orders - don't forget there is an August promotion on - check out the top of my blog for details and make sure you don't miss out!!


  1. Xander is beautiful and many congratulations to you all x

  2. Congratulations, he looks adorable. xx

  3. Oh he looks adorable......... well done Amy, and congrats to you and your hubby.
    Looking forward to seeing you and the little one soon.

    Love J x

  4. Congrats on the birth of your lickle boy he's adorable love Jen x

  5. Many, many congratulations on the birth of Alexander William, he looks a real treasure.

    Dionne xxx

  6. He's soooo cute. Congratulations to the both of you xx

  7. Congrats!! I have a Xander too! Except he is 8 and naughty!! Not so sweet and cuddly!


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