Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hand-made New Baby Cards (Non-Stampin Up)

After announcing the safe arrival of Xander the New Baby cards came through the letterbox thick and fast! It's so lovely that so many friends and family wanted to wish us well.

The most special cards i recieved were those that were handmade. I have several crafty friends and always appriciate handmade designs. Over the next few posts i will share some of these thoughtful beautiful creations with you.

Today i have a couple of non-stampin up (shock horror!) cards to share with you.

First up a card made by Zoe (a member of the Crafty Boots DT team):

I just love the image she has used and the colouring is fab isn't it!!?!
Next up a card made by my lovely friend and neighbour Poppy:

I just love the layering of the super cute bear image on this card and the colour combo!!

Finally a card created by Audrey:

The photo here doesn't do the card justice - sorry Audrey! I love the embossed bear on this card and the jewels!!

 Thankyou to all the lovely ladies who have put aside time to create these beautful cards!!

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  1. Oh I just had a giggle, looked at your post and thought, 'I'm sure I made a card like that!', then I realised it was my card! How daft of me, but how lovely of you to share it with everyone, am touched you like enough to do so. Take care lovely. Zo xx


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