Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Dear all CraftyThinker blog followers,

I'm sorry i haven't been blogging daily as usual. I've been in hospital :( I've had a virus which made me severely dehydrated and so have been on a drip. I'm over the worst and was discharged today - baby Tiddlywink is fine! I'm taking the rest of the week off work to rest. Obviously i haven't been crafting and nowhere near the internet so not been blogging (apart from pre-scheduled posts)

I do have some mothers day projects that i did last week that i will hopefully try to upload - although obviously not overly relevant now that Mothers Day has been and gone maybe you'll find the layouts useful and gain a few ideas.

Normal service will resume soon - i promise.

Please don't abandon me!!

(P.S Thanks to lovely Twitter followers for their kind messages and for keeping me sane for the last three days xxx)

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  1. You take good care of you and Tiddlywink. Rest up and be good! Hugs Zo xx


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