Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Baby Sock Bouquet

(Not a stampin up post i'm afraid but i'm keen to share with you my crafty creation!! I'm off to Jades this weekend so will hopefully have some new card designs to share with you soon!)

Baby showers used to be an American phenomenon but they've recently become a standard part of the pregnancy experience in the UK. The first baby shower I actually went to was my own just a couple of months ago. My sister and two of my best friends hosted a wonderful day with lots of laughs and CAKE!

Now it seems all my friends are expecting and this of course means lots of baby showers in the upcoming months!! In fact I went to I've just this weekend been.

One of the customs of a baby shower is that you bring a gift for the mum to be and baby and being crafty I was keen to make a gift. I'd seen a few photos on twitter of baby sock bouquets and decided to give making one a go!

The mother to be opted not to find out the sex of the baby so I needed to make it neutral and opted to use mainly white socks and a pair of yellow and a pair of orange socks for a splash of colour (neutral baby socks were near on impossible to find and eventually found them in H&M kids)

I googled 'baby sock bouquets' and found this fab tutorial and after several attempts this is the final product!

The bouquet got a great response at the baby shower and was one of the most unique gifts there! I'd love to know what you think!

Are you going to a baby shower soon? Do you know someone who had just had a baby? Why not get crafty and make one of these. All you need is 6 pairs of baby socks, some floristry wire and green floristry tape, some foliage (which could be picked from your garden) and something to wrap the bouquet in or a vase!!

If i have inspires you to have a go at making one please tweet me a pic: @craftythinker


  1. It looks fab and is indeed unique. Baby showers are definitely new, but I imagine them to be fun and how lovely to receive gifts etc. Wonder if you can have teenager showers? Lol You know to make up for missing out all those years ago! Take care Zo xx

  2. I have never seen these before but I think your bouquet looks amazing, what a fantastic gift (although if I had received it I would not want to take it apart!).

    Dionne xx


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